Bilbao, world adoption capital in July 2013

Upon arrival in Bilbao: ICAR4 begins

Bilbao General information

ICAR4 is getting closer and closer! Please, read the practical information about both the Conference and the city included herein. Make sure you read the Upon arrival in Bilbao document, which among other practical matters, includes important information about both ICAR4 venues, one for Sunday the 7th (Deusto University) and the other for the rest of the Conference (Euskalduna Conference Center). Check the map found at the end of the document.

ICAR4 sessions will conclude around 1 pm on the 11th of July. That same afternoon, a meeting for Spanish and Portuguese adoption professionals will start. A number of international ICAR4 participants will be guest speakers during this meeting where attending professionals will also have the opportunity to present their work and practice. To this end, a microsite (only in Spanish) has been created within this website so that participants may register, send in proposals and handle all participation-related matters as with ICAR4. With these two meetings, Bilbao will become the world adoption capital for a week, thanks to the participation of both researchers and professionals working in adoption related issues.

When it comes to social activities, more information about the Conference dinner on the 10th of July has been now been provided under the Social Activities tab of this website. Yandiola restaurant was too small for the number of people registered for the Conference dinner. A new and even more attractive restaurant has been chosen (check the Social activities tab).

We continue working hard, until the very last minute, to make ICAR4 and the later professional meeting a memorable experience for everyone. Likewise, we will continue to be in contact with the participants both personally and through this website.

Institutional sponsors

 Ministerio de Sanidad Servicios Sociales e Igualdad Gobierno Vasco
Diputacion Foral de Bizkaia Diputacion Foral de Bizkaia
 University of Seville University of Deusto